Recently, I started looking into automating parts of my workflow on my Mac computer. Specifically, I want to open a couple webpages in my Default Chrome profile and a few others in my Work profile. Running open from Terminal opens Google’s webpage in the most recently active window of my browser. In order to open it in a specific profile I need to provide --profile-directory to Chrome when it launches.

I found a doc for how to use AppleScript to create a separate application that launches Chrome with a specific profile. These docs were a little out of date. My version of the script is:

set chrome to "\"/Applications/Google Chrome\""
do shell script chrome & " --profile-directory=\"Profile 1\"" & " > /dev/null 2>&1 &"

For your use, replace --profile-directory with the appropriate profile number you wish to target.

I then exported this AppleScript as an application and named it Google Chrome (Work). You can update the icon by copying the icon from the upper-left corner of the Get Info popup for the original Google Chrome app and pasting it into the icon for your new application.

Now that I have this application, I can easily launch webpages in my work profile using Alfred.