• Fairness is hard

    There has been a lot of discussion lately concerning machine learning models that are treating people unfairly. While this isn’t just limited to ML, the speed of development and abstractions that hide the real people impacted by decisions are operating at a scale never experienced before.

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  • Powerful

    by Patty McCord

    Patty McCord reasons that you should avoid giving your employees the impression that your company is a family. Your company is a business and will have to act in its interest. You hire adults, treat them as adults by giving them the tools and information they need to perform amazing work.

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  • Best articles of 2019

    A list of the most interesting blogs and articles that I read this year.

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  • Thorough CSS selectors presentation

    Today I came across a very complete presentation by Estelle Weyl on CSS selectors that I wanted to share. I did not know about the level 4 selectors.

  • Secrets of Sand Hill Road

    by Scott Kupor

    This book was one of the most informative books that I read this year. The information that Scott Kupor provides goes a long way to balancing out the information discrepancy between VCs and entrepreneurs.

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